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Paper Bags / Aluminium Division

Wide variety of products that include Thermoformed Foil Containers, Punching & Injection Molded products, Kraft Paper bags in different weights and sizes that have possibility of handles in desired formats are produces here.

Injection Molding

The injection molding plant is fully automated, and products are produced from the most sophisticated Japanese and European lines. The capability includes Microwavable Rigid Containers, cutlery, crystal plates. All these are produced using the robotic features having no human interference and ensures complete food safety and hygiene.


Having the most extensive range of thermoformed products, the sourcing of the raw material has been given the highest priority. Mother reels are procured from PPI Europe. This enables the best quality products complying to the highest standards of food safety and ensures defect free forming. The Thermoforming lines are from Japan and Europe having the capability to produce disposable cups, clear containers, lids, trays, blisters, clam shells etc. Having futuristic vison, the plant has complete automation from the start of production till the material is packed in the cartons.

Paper bag

The paper bag division allows Hotpack to contribute towards sustainability. With sensitivity revolving around plastic usage, most of the customers have moved from plastic shopping bags to paper shopping bags. This plant has the capability to supply printed and unprinted Kraft paper bags with variety of options for handles. These come in various sizes to meet the needs of the customer.


Hotpack also produces a wide range of plain straight straws corrugated straws wrapped plain straws and wrapped customized straws these are available in different lengths and diameters as well as in different colors.

As a part of the complete food service offering, Hotpack also has the facility to manufacture wide range of straws. The products include plain straight straws and corrugated straws. These have the possibilities of customization for different lengths, color and diameter.

Aluminium Foil & Cling Film

To complete the range of the food service offerings, Hotpack uses the best sources of Aluminum from its approved mills in Europe and Asia to offer embossed Alu Foil containers in various shapes and sizes. Most advanced machineries are used to make these containers and it ensures complete food safety and hygiene for the end users. All the aluminum containers come with the food grade board to ensure complete protection to the food while packed and preserved.
Hotpack also has cling films in its portfolio. These films can be provided both for industrial and retail use.