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Injection & Thermoforming

Injection Molding

This is the fully automated injection molding facility at the Dubai Factory these state-of-the-art machines manufactured different types of microwavable rigid containers cutlery crystal plates and so on state-of-the-art pick-and-place robots not only ensure high speeds but also enhance the hygienic production conditions

Here is the thermo forming division of Hotpack. PPI which produces a wide range of products for the food industry only the best of raw materials from renowned manufacturers are used to produce hotpacks mother reals as it is sometimes referred to thus ensuring quality right from the beginning equipped with fully automatic European machines an extensive range of products roll out from this division. These range from disposable cups clear containers lids trays blisters clam shells and other products designed for different requirements these state-of-the-art lines boast automatic stacking counting and packing nearly one and a half million drinking cups alone are made at this facility everyday